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Hit Me With Your Best Shot -- Cassiel Knight
Hit Me With Your Best Shot

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Key of Solonom

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The Death Skull -- Cassiel Knight

THE DEATH SKULL, Relic Defender, Book 2
Paranormal Romance--Fallen Angels/Demons/Archeology
(Full length, 85k)

Fallen angel, Marisol Asheni, Fell when she unwisely chose to follow Lucifer. Unlike many of her fellow angels, she has no desire for redemption. Instead, she prefers fighting the followers of the Dark when they step over the line. Except, in the deepest part of soul, she longs for a reason to stop fighting.

Jackson’s only loyalty is to himself and his mother, but even he has boundaries he won’t cross. When his last job threatened the life of a young woman, he tossed aside the lucrative pay and finds himself fighting evil. He’s attracted to Mari despite her hard, seemingly emotionless edge. And while Mari finds the tall human reluctantly appealing, nevertheless, she has no intention of finding herself in a relationship with a human.

Brought together by the Archangel Michael, they must find and destroy the crystal Mayan Death Skull before the son of Lucifer uses the skull to destroy the world’s leaders and throw the world into chaos to begin Hell on Earth.

Their search for the Death Skull takes them from Chicago to Central America to the lost city of Lubaantun in Belize, the heart of the Mayan civilization and into a battle for their souls.


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